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Pure and Simple - Longbot, the epic saga!

Here's the EQ EULA. Pertinent sections of the EULA are Section 7 (Concerning reverse engineering/decompiling) and Section 9 (Concerning changing the nature of EQ).

Back in the good ol days of EQIM, I wrote a channel-bot that made item links, quoted spell data, did DKP/attendance numbers, AND the nifty feature of keeping's raid channel clear. It used the EQIM-IRC bridge written byu some fella I forget the name of. But it was neat, and new. Shiny and powerful. And kickass !
But then came the dawn of UCS, and the old gods of EQIM wept.. for there was channel mastery no more, and the power to keep miscreants from a channel was verboten, swept away to the anals of EQ Lore, and had to be manualy done, by hand. Along wiht all the toher nifty tricks.
It was a sad day, a sad day indeed v_v

Fast forward about 18 months. I played some WoW. Read about Linky of EQII fame. Learned more programming mojo.
Figured out that if I did it write, I could indeed try and bring back my channel master, ressurect him from the grave and give him new powah!
So, I wrote a perl script that interfaced with the Everquest Client in September of '07.
It reads the log file as input, and types out information based on that - sad to say it will never be able to link item, because there is no way to type out an item link in Everquest. But it can tell DKP information (grabbed live from your guild's website) manage a channel (supports standard IRC Channel features such as MOTD & banning) and could be extended to a few other tasks!

Is this going to get you banned if you run it?

On the 15th of October, 2007 Longbot was petitioned. The end result was Sony's employees & managers took a look at Longbot's sourcecode, and said it was fine to use it.
Ahh, the sweet beauty of Open Source code? I got NUFFIN to hide. I do usualy end up around the bot as it does it's duty - sometimes when someone says the wrong command, I'll be reading and catch it, and correct it (I don't leave longbot unsupervised - just like you're not supposed to leave a bazaar trader logged in and unsupervised!)
However, for your enjoyment, and for you to decide for yourself, I've got the notes from the petition.

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